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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Diagnosing Culture: Post #4--Competing Values

Competing Values Framework A leading framework used for OD
a.    Clan (Collaborative Culture). Business Philosophy: Human Development and engagement produce results. Values: Commitment, Communication, Development.
b.    Adhocracy (Creative Culture).  Business Philosophy: Innovation produces effectiveness. Values: Innovation, transformation, agility.
c.    Market (Competitive Culture). Business Philosophy: Aggressive competition for the customer produces profits. Values: Market share, goal achievement, and profitability.
d.    Hierarchy (Control Culture):  Business Philosophy: effective and efficient organizations produce results. Values: Efficiency, Timeliness, Consistency. 
work. CVF has been empirically derived, is a valid instrument, congruent with other powerful theories about how others think and their cognitive processes, such as Jung’s Model and the MBTI. Four Quadrants:

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