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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diagnosing Change: Post #6--Org. Change

Making Organizational Change
a.    Diagnosis: 1) Using OACI, members rate profile of the current organization and reach consensus,
b.    Interpretation: 1) Identify changes that need to happen; 2) talk about what change means and does not mean; 3) find stories that illustrate values and necessary behaviors.
c.    Implementation: 1) Which actions should be stopped, started, continued; 2) ID small wins and tout them; 3) Set timetable and metrics; 4) develop a communications plan; 5) figure out which parts of the organization will have to change and how; 6) determine personal change for everyone necessary for organizational change to happen.

not an average; 2) Rate the future desired organization profile and note differences between current and future.

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