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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saving the Farm: Post #2--Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team
 Build a dedicated team—focused on the innovation: Make them separate but connected. Maverick (Mav) gets chosen to lead the new venture on the farm based on Stella’s idea—producing luxury wool. He must implement the process; this is how creativity goes from a great idea to an innovation, a commercial product or service that can be sold for profit. However, if the new enterprise is to survive, it must stay connected to the core business of the organization for its nourishment and support—like a child for its mother. You can’t expect to tell a new leader to just go off and “make it happen” without core support. Certain operations, like marketing and sales, might be completely independent, but production, HR and administration are more efficiently managed as a joint operation. Conflict will be inevitable; expect it, but understand that the partnership (between the existing business and the new innovative one) is critical to moving the organization forward into the future.

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