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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Innovator's DNA--Post #9--Discovery & Deliivery

Balancing Discovery and Delivery: Innovative CEOs score about 88% in discovery skills (questioning, associating, observing, networking, and experimenting) but only 56% in delivery skills (analyzing, planning, detail orientating, implementing, being self-disciplined). By contrast, delivery-oriented CEOs scored only 62% in discovery skills and 80% in delivery skills—not surprising, because many were picked for their delivery skills. However, when teams are more complementary—a good mixture of discovery and delivery skills—the rich mix of both of these skills produces a highly innovative team. Moreover, the authors note that striking a critical proportionate balance depends on the stage of life that the company’s in. In a start-up, more discovery skills are necessary, but as a company matures, more delivery skills are needed. However, high delivery, efficient companies can get stale without an infusion of innovative discovery thinking.

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