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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How of Happiness: Post#2--Happiness Fornula

The Happiness Equation: One of the BIG contributions that Lyubomirsky makes to the science of happiness is her formula for what determines happiness. It’s simple and impactful:
a.    50% of all our happiness is heritable…we get it from our parents. You’ve got no control over this slice of the pie. It’s called a set point. It’s like a fixed or known quantity. You cannot change it
b.    10% of your happiness gets formed by your life’s circumstances. So, getting married, divorced, fired or hired seems to have only a 10% overall effect on moving your personal happiness needle.
c.    40% of our happiness IS changeable—by intentional behavior. And that’s a LOT to play with in terms of getting us happier or not.  The author then spends much of the book telling us how to get more intentional about happiness.

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