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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How of Happines: Post#3--Why This Book?

Why this book?
a.    The book is based on the considerable research of the author and experts like Gottman, Seligman and others in the science of happiness and positivity and their effects.
b.    Why bother about happiness? Simple. Happy people live longer, have happier marriages, make more money, are better leaders, and are more sociable, energetic, successful and fun to be around than their peers. In short, whether in business or in their personal lives, they do far better than their less happy compatriots.

Make happiness strategies fit you.
a.    The science shows that activities that fit the person tend to stick.
b.    Making happiness stick:
i.    Fit with your style.  Pessimists might benefit by practicing optimism. Hedonists can gain strength by savoring what they have.
ii.    Fit with your strengths—for example, stressing gratitude and thanks through writing or painting, if they are strengths.
iii.    Fit with your lifestyle: If you already meditate, you can skip that one. Try to try new things, like a simple listing of gratitudes, that don’t take much time.

The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire
a.    I suggest you take this before proceeding in the book. Take the 29-question instrument on p. 84.
b.    Take it several times throughout a month to get your baseline.

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