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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Positivity: Post #8--Increase Positivity

Increase Positivity: To increase your positivity score and enrich your life, here are some thoughts by the author:
a.    Study positive psychology: Coined by Marty Seligman in 1998, this movement has had a profound effect on the field of psychology and on the author herself. [Reading and watching You-Tube videos might provide a nice backgrounder for all interested in this relatively new phenomenon.]
b.    Sincerity: An insincere smile or gesture can have an even more negative effect than doing nothing at all. Slowing down to be in the moment and be sincere about our responses can make a huge difference.
c.    Find Positive Meaning: Reframing an experience can make a big difference in not only how you react but also how you remember an event.
d.    Savor Goodness: Find ways to remember and re-remember good things.
e.    Celebrate Team Wins: Celebration boosts teams’ overall positivity state and allows you to savor the good memories together.
f.    Count Your Blessings: Being grateful for everything you have broadens and de-stresses your life. Keeping a gratitude journal [which I do] and listing 5 things (no matter how small…like water and electricity) a day that you’re grateful for can reframe your day and your life over time.
g.    Apply Your Strengths: People who work on and improve in their areas of strength are happier and more productive than those who work constantly on removing weaknesses. So, play life to your strengths and watch happiness abound.
h.    Connect with Others: We are pack animals, social animals. We need people to thrive. When in a tailspin, the tendency is to isolate ourselves to lick our wounds. In fact, that’s the worst thing…better to stay connected to those who keep us nurtured.

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