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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Positivity: Post #7--Decrease Negativity

Decrease Negativity: We can get sucked down by negativity. Remember, its power affects us much more than positivity, so take care. Some ways to keep it at bay:
a.    Dispute Negative Thinking: Act like a lawyer and argue against your feelings. Be sure to marshal the facts pitted against your anger or fear. The goal is to reduce inappropriate feelings that your mind gets stuck on and can lead you on a downward cycle.
b.    Stop Rumination: The cycle of thinking and thinking about negativity can become pathological—like an illness. To break this cycle, the author suggests a positive diversion like yoga or working out to free the mind and put it on a different track. Avoid unhealthy distractions like alcohol and other high risk alternatives.
i.    Become Mindful: Meditation has so many benefits that it would be hard to oversell it. Paying attention to the present moment non-judgmentally is the heart of mindfulness and meditation.
ii.    About 20 minutes a day or 80-90 minutes a week.
iii.    Results: More positive, less stressed, open to new ideas and people, opens the heart and makes life more enjoyable.
iv.    It also severs the bonds of negativity.
c.    Watch Less Negative Media: You can affect your life negatively by watching too much violent or negative TV or videos.

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