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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Positivity: Post #4--Building with Positivity

Positivity Builds Your Best Future by Building:
a.    Psychological strengths. People get more resilient, optimistic and purpose driven.
b.    Social connections. Positivity and gratitude strengthen, energize and reinvigorate relationships. More friends (and stronger ones) emerge, divorce decreases, and collaboration abounds.
c.    Good health. Positivity lowers stress hormones, builds bond-related hormones, enhances immune functioning, and results in less illness.
i.    Hugs have an effect on your mood and happiness.
ii.    Higher mood-elevating and lowering-stress hormones occur when husbands and wives (and partners) “…have learned to touch their partners’ head, neck and shoulders in loving ways.”
d.    Resilience—the ability to bounce back after setbacks.
i.    Build resilience by increasing a higher positive ratio
1.    Doing things that you love to do and that calm down your brain and heart
2.    Meditating, walking, exercising, being with friends, hugging someone!

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