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Monday, January 30, 2012

Immunity to Change: Post #4--Fearless Inventory

Column 2: The Fearless Inventory
a. What are you doing (behavior) or not doing instead that keeps you from getting to your goal?
b. Four criteria for Column 2: 1) Don’t use generalities, rather what specifically do you do that makes you, for example, impatient or a poor listener? People should be able to “observe” what you do; 2) The more items in this column, the better. The deeper the dive, the better the x-ray; 3) Everything in this column should be what works against you to accomplish Column #1, not what you’re doing to overcome it; 4) Don’t tell why you do them (trying to explain or rationalize them) or what you plan to do; just list things working against you.
c. Write down what you’re doing/not doing in Column #2 that prevents you from reaching your goal (in Column #1).

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