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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jobs War: Post #5--Job Creation

Sources of Job Creation
a. The author points to three critical components of the next great breakthrough (like the Internet) that will create jobs. Those components are big cities, powerful local leaders, and great universities.
b. Cities: Several factors: 1) All important solutions are local—especially places like New York, Palo Alto, Seattle, Boston, Austin, etc. Young, smart talent gets drawn to cities with the right atmosphere for them, and they stay and make things happen; 2) The whole city gets involved in the effort; 3) Align efforts—need a regional or citywide strategic plan; 4) Don’t look to Washington for solutions. Its purpose was not intended for that reason. National leadership—regardless of party—doesn’t create sustainable policies for creativity and competition. Just the opposite.
c. Local Tribal Leaders: All prosperous cities have self-appointed talented people who get things done—call them Tribal Leaders. They’re philanthropists, social activists, business owners—all of whom step up and “do the right thing.” Note that they’re not elected or government officials. The real power comes from the Tribal Leaders. Think about what Warren Buffet means to Omaha or Bill Gates to Seattle. There are roughly 100 Tribal Leaders in a city and 100 of the most powerful cities in the country. Thus, there are 10,000 Tribal Leaders who will have to make the change in jobs or whatever becomes important to America in the future. Tribal leaders are responsible for electing strong, local political leaders. Weak local, state, and federal leaders = weak tribal leaders. Super mentors ignite entrepreneurs and innovators. Al Gore is a great example. While a Senator, he pushed the Internet through policies to become the massive economic boom for America.
d. Universities: Knowledge creation is at the core of a university. Also, universities create the right ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. And if you look at the top 100 universities, you’ll find super mentors and job creation swirling around them.
e. The simple economic formula: 100 tribal leaders, 100 key cities, and 100 top universities will make most of the difference in the Job Wars!

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