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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jobs War: Post #10--Final Words

Conclusion: Here is an abbreviated list of Clifton’s key findings:
a. The #1 social value in the world is to have a good job. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough of such jobs. Cities are the #1 location for job creation, especially through entrepreneurship. Key sources of job creation: Top 100 cities (regions); top 100 universities; top 10,000 (top 100 cities X 100 key leaders) tribal leaders. Entrepreneurship drives the economy more than innovation. Invest in entrepreneurship. Small to medium-sized companies will drive job growth, not the big companies.
b. Other findings: Healthcare cost will bankrupt us unless we switch to a wellbeing mentality. The high school dropout rate, especially among minorities, is astronomical and debilitating for any economy. America has to engage its workforce. Well less than a third of our workforce is engaged enough to fight for jobs. And about one fifth is actively disengaged—actually a toxic drain on business and the economy.
c. BIG thanks to Jim Clifton and Gallup for writing this book!

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