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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Authentic Happiness: Post #3

Even More Authentic Happiness Findings
--Thinking and Emotion: Our thoughts generate emotions, not the other way around (as Freud argued). So cognitive psychology helps people change their thoughts, thus their emotions, and moves them toward happiness.
--Forgiveness: Negative emotions tend to override positive ones. But forgiving and forgetting allows us to rewrite the past in a way that helps us become more positive by reframing. Psychologist Everett Worthington’s R-E-A-C-H process can help anyone who’s been through a trauma (p. 79).
--Core Virtues (and Strengths): Seligman argues that a set of 24 strengths, derived from a wide cross-cultural swath and numerous venerable thinkers, falls into 6 critical core virtues: 1) Wisdom and knowledge; 2) Courage; 3) Love and humanity; 4) Justice; 5) Temperance; and 6) Spirituality and transcendence.

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