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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well Being: Post #6

Community Wellbeing: This section was one of my favorites. Community Wellbeing, according to the authors, “…can actually be the differentiator between a good life and a great one.” The general safety of our neighborhoods has a surprising effect on our wellbeing. And when asked about the perfect community place, people answer: aesthetics (how naturally beautiful the place is); a place where we spend time with friends; and a place (community) that is open to all people regardless of race, age or sexual preference. Getting involved in social communities and something bigger than themselves helps people feel much better. It literally is better to give than receive. By doing so, according to the authors, we live longer and healthier, are more productive and have a greater passion for purpose. Furthermore, “…well-doing inoculates us against stress and negative emotions.” Social groups also create positive social change. Look at what the anti-smoking movement did to the culture of smoking and what Mother Against Drunk Drivers accomplished that so many laws never could have. And if you look at the effect that friends and social groups like Weight Watchers and AA can have, you’ll want to seek out a couple of friends to join in you making some health commitments. The authors offer several good ideas for boosting Community Wellbeing. Here’s one: Tell people about your passions and interests so they can connect you with relevant groups and causes.

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