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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ted Leonsis' Secrets to Happiness: #6 FINAL Post

A Higher Calling: Again, Ted reflects closely the writings of Goldsmith, Conley, Pink and Goleman. For example, he unabashedly states that to be happy, “…all of us must find a higher calling of some sort.” Whether we look to cure a disease or teach a child, this higher calling takes living to a new level. As a parallel, Chip Conley in his book Peak argues essentially the same thing: You can have a job, a career, or a calling—but it is the calling that is transformational and makes people truly happy. Pink and Rick Warren call it purpose and Goldsmith calls it meaning—note that none of these guys invented any of the words they use. But they all come to the same conclusion: Happiness comes from a higher calling. And surely Ted Leonsis has found that higher calling as well. And if you want to see how his formula for driving happiness into business success works, let’s all just watch what happens now that he’s just purchased the Washington Wizards from the Pollins, another amazingly philanthropic family that understands where happiness truly comes from.

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