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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well Being: Post #3

Social Wellbeing Think about the best times in your life, and you’ll find they usually involve other people. We’re pack animals…social creatures. Our emotional states are caught and transmitted. Shorthand: if we’re in a good mood or a bad mood, others catch it—and vice versa. Thus, according to a Harvard study of 12,000 people, if you have direct connection with a happy person, your odds of being happier increase by 15%. And the correlation of both healthy and unhealthy (especially overweight) friends will have you re-examining who you hang out with. If not, have a defibrillator handy! Having close relationships, best friends at work, even the proximity of great friends, and the amount of time spent socializing all effect your wellbeing. The authors offer several good ideas for boosting Social Wellbeing. Here’s one: Spend six hours a day socializing with friends family and colleagues (NOTE: this time includes work, home, phone, email, email and other communication).

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