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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting Change Right: Element 7 - Final Post

WorkLifeSuccess in the Midst of Change. Change agents live and breathe their ideas as they try to move the organization forward. This causes stress—pushback on the change agent. Kahan writes about this work-life balance like one who has lived it. Again, wit h the lists, he offers a number of “viewpoints” to generate this balance or WorkLifeSuccess: I care for myself, I care for others, Nature is the foreground, I see my work as an extension of life, and others. One section in this chapter that I personally liked (because it’s the work I do), concerned the benefits of bringing in an outside advisor to get the following: Input for similar experiences, professional support for situations you face alone, confidence in the most difficult situations, and others. Finally, Seth Kahan has given us a book to help navigate the important and often troublesome wasters of change.

The book acts like a GPS to keep us on track when we get lost in the process.

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