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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Kindle Series: First Post

This week I’ll be reviewing Amazon’s Kindle. I’ve been eying Amazon’s Kindle for some time—taking me longer to acquire than most technical advances in the past. I tend to be an early technology adopter. However, have been a book writer and reader for many years, and guess I want to hold on to what I know—the look, feel and even the smell of a new book. But a couple of months ago I bought a Kindle for me and my tech guy, Dean. I’ve made it a practice to always make sure that he and I have the same technology. It makes life much easier, besides he’s a great guy who deserves any presents I could give him. Finally, let me be clear about this, I think the Kindle is the future of publishing and will be as ubiquitous as the laptop and the cellphone!

P.S. I do not own stock in Amazon, but I wish I did!

This is the FIRST post of several this week about the Kindle.

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