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Friday, January 1, 2010

GenX and the New Year

To celebrate the launch of the New Year, 2010, this week I will review What’s Next, Gen X? (by Tamara Erickson, Harvard Business School Publishing, 2010).

This is an excellent primer for GenX’ers (ages 30-44 in 2009). I strongly recommend purchasing this book. I’m giving a copy to my Gen X daughter!

Sandwiched between the hyper-competitive Boomer generation and the idealistic Y generation, sit the GenX’ers, those folks between 30-44 years old. I guess one reason I like X'ers so much is that a) I have a GenX daughter, and b) they’re the ones who will be picking out the nursing homes for us Boomers! Beyond that, I’ve found X’ers to be creative, technically savvy, and entrepreneurial. And, most are unwilling to wait for Boomers—many of whom will seemingly NEVER retire.

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