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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eat Move Sleep: Post #1--How Rath Does It

How Rath Does It: If you’re a discriminating reader who likes data to back up what’s being said, who wants language that’s direct and simple, and who doesn’t want to die any sooner than you have to, this is the book for you! Here’s how Rath does it:
•    First, he provides great evidence without it intruding on the text. He’s based it on a mound of research (370 citations), which is included at the back of the book and available for guys like me who ask, ”Who says so?”
•    Second, the guy writes well—with simple, direct and powerful language. Here’s a snippet on sugar: “Sugar is a toxin. It fuels diabetes, heart disease, and cancer…. One report aptly described sugar as, ‘candy for cancer cells.’ It accelerates aging and inflammation in the body and subsequently fuels tumor growth.” He does this in thirty bite-sized, 3-5 page chapters to make the book easy to digest.

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