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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Talent Code: Post #6--Four Virtues

Four Virtues of Master Coaches
a.    The Matrix: Many master coaches are in their 60s and 70s and possess a complex web of “task specific knowledge” that gives them the depth and power to help their protégés.
b.    Perceptiveness: Coaches like John Wooden have deep perceptiveness that works on figuring out what’s going on. Such coaches act like investigative reporters; they observe, deliver information, and look for the student to react—a process designed to move the student forward.
c.    The GPS Reflex: Coaches don’t mince words. They “shock” with short, expressive bursts. They give directions that are short and clinical, like a GPS: Turn right or turn in 100 feet. Coaches layer on levels of difficulty. “OK, good, now try this….” Great coaches PUSH people.
d.    Theatrical Honesty: Drama and character are tools of the master coach. A dramatic flair with honesty helps the master coach do what’s important—point out errors. 

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