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Friday, February 22, 2013

To Sell is Human: Post #9--Serving

Serve: Taking a serve-don’t-demand approach to leadership changes the game. So, Ask-don’t-Tell sets up the right chemistry to influence people. The author advises us to make it personal and purposeful. 
a.    Make it personal. When radiologists were given photos of patients, they had more empathy for the patients, were more thorough, and were more likely to uncover important underlying health issues. So, give people your cell phone and home phone numbers, and have your photo on Facebook to “make it personal.”
b.    Make it purposeful: People respond better to health and safety messages that are focused on others who more vulnerable than themselves. We do things not for self but for pro-social reasons. Purpose-focused volunteer fundraisers who read stories about how scholarships had helped students more than doubled the donations they raised. Big Message: prime people before having them raise money. Make it purposeful.

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