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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Sell is Human: Post #2--Shift in Sales

The Shift in Sales: 1 person in 9 in the US works in sales, but most of us spend around 40% of our time in non-sales selling (influence, persuasion, convincing). Consider that a teacher sells her students the idea of paying attention because what they’ll learn is worth it. Doctors sell remedies, and lawyers sell innocence or guilt to juries. Everyone sells—or what Pink calls “moves”—people every day in many ways. What’s more, the rise of the entrepreneur has kicked “moving” into high gear. Estimates are that entrepreneurs will be the majority of the workforce in 2020, and according to the Kaufman Foundation, 54% of the 18-34 years olds have started their own businesses or want to. Most small companies are about “moving” people to join the cause—they are selling their vision. Whether a customer, employee or investor, entrepreneurs are constantly in the “moving” mode—influencing and selling.

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