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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Sell is Human: Post #7--Pitching

Pitch: Two researchers at the U. of California studied “pitching” (selling screen plays) in Hollywood. Their central finding: It’s as much about the “catcher” (the studio exec) as the pitcher (the writer/agent).  Execs see passion and wit as positive and creative but slickness and hard selling as negative and uncreative. With so many distractions today, we need more types of pitches available, and Pink supplies six such pitches. For example: 1) The one-word pitch: just pick a word you want to be known for and then “own it.” When anyone thinks of you, what’s the word you want them to associate with you or your product?  2) The subject line pitch: The subject line in an email IS your pitch…choose those words carefully. People respond based on utility, curiosity, and specificity. 3) The Pixar Pitch follows the rules for every Pixar film narrative: Once upon a time... Every day… One Day…Because of that…Until finally…. Finally, after your pitch, ask yourself, what do you want people to know, feel, and do?

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