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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How of Happiness: Post#12--Religion & Spirituality

Practice Religion and Spirituality: Religious people are happier, healthier and have more meaning in their lives. Maybe it’s the ritual of meeting together in congregations (social influence), perhaps the serenity that comes from prayer, or even the comfort of having a well-defined set of rules—but it works. Spirituality or believing in a bigger purpose in life—being transcendent—has positive effects that are similar to those of religious people. Therefore try the following:
a.    Seek meaning and purpose: have harmonious goals, write down your plan for the future, practice creativity, and know that suffering can also bring about growth.
b.    Pray—Studies show that prayer and/or meditation on a regular basis create well-being. Some people tie it to times of the day, others to their feelings. Getting regular, even systematic, will ensure habits that result in positive changes.

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