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Monday, May 14, 2012

How of Happiness--Post#11--Goals

Commit to Goals: Pursuing goals is important because it gives you a feeling of control over your life, boosts self-esteem, adds structure to life, improves time management, and may socially connect us with others.
a.    Intrinsic goals (ones that are inherently satisfying or meaningful to us personally) are far more powerful than extrinsic goals (what others want or what we think we “ought” to do).
b.    Authentic goals, rooted in a person’s core values and interests, result in happiness and more likelihood of accomplishment.
c.    People who use approach goals (moving toward something) are much happier and healthier (physically and mentally) than people who choose avoidant goals (trying to escape or move away from something).
d.    Activity goals (training for a race or joining a club) are far more effective goals than buying a new car or new clothes, in which hedonic adaptation takes over, making us want to buy even more.

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