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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Made to Stick: Post #3--Unexpected

Unexpected: Surprise (unexpectedness) will always outshine predictability every time. That’s why we remember and like the unexpected. In fact, jokes make people laugh because of unexpected endings—twists literally tickle people. For example, I routinely tune out when airline attendants read mandatory safety instructions, until one time, the attended went through a stand-up comedy routine about the instructions. Not only did we all listen and laugh, but everyone clapped when she finished. We couldn’t wait for landing instructions—and she did not disappoint! When people think that they get what you’re about to say, they ignore you. However, when you can surprise them, they engage. That’s why unusual customer service makes people take notice. Turn things on their head or go above and beyond and watch what happens and how well you “stick” in your customer’s mind.

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