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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tribal Leadership: Stage 4 Tribes

Stage Four Tribes: The people at this stage (22% of groups) describe life in general as “we’re great.” They use a lot of “we,” “us,” and “our” language. These people naturally build triads and encourage relationships between relationships based on shared cultures and values. They exude tribal pride. Companies that get to this level tend to be industry leaders—often the best in class. Amgen was used as such an example, where the leader instilled a “we’re great” mentality that took that company to the top of the pharma ladder. Encourage stage four people to balance their relationship or values and opportunities. Inculcate values-based leadership and training and development with staff. Recruit others to the tribe. And, finally, seek out something really big to change the world…like the people at stage five. Indicators of growth at this stage are that leaders will start using “life is great” language and will live out the values and the noble cause of the tribe—thus act as an exemplar for the tribe.

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