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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Onboarding: Post #5 (Assimilation)

Helping new employees deliver faster results: We’ve all had first-day-at-the-new-job horror shows. We’ve all arrived at a new job, not knowing where to park, with no one to greet us, no supplies, no desk. The authors caution us to treat the first day for a new employee with the same kind of care we’d give to a great new customer and to prepare the entrance like scripting a play. Make sure that the employee knows the directions and parking instructions, is met by you or someone familiar, and knows the schedule for the first day. In short, be very well prepared for the first day and the first impressions made by both the new employee and by the organization itself. See the downloadable document called “New Employee as Valued Customer” (p. 171). I also like the simple, first-day schedule on p. 171. Be sure to read the final section (IV) on employee assimilation. The research in this area is clear: Assimilation is a key predictor of success. These authors explain an assimilation process that’s simple and replicable by anyone. Pay heed. It can be a make-or-break exercise that saves the new employee a year’s worth of struggling to assimilate. By doing an assimilation exercise you’ll be giving both the new employee and the entire team a huge gift. Be sure to check out the “New Manager Assimilation” downloadable form on pp. 203-4. This is a MUST.

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