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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Whole New Mind: The Six Senses

The 2nd of Pink's Six Senses: Story

All of us grew up with parents, aunts and uncles telling us stories. Pink argues that we never lose this thirst—to make sense of facts. In a world flooded with facts and data, making sense in a narrative story is what makes those facts available and useful. I know this power directly. As one who’s written academic studies and reviews for years and is now writing leadership fables, I can attest to Pink’s (and others’) endorsement of story. People remember facts well when they’re tied to a strong narrative. He also mentions one of my all time favorite writers and teachers—Joseph Campbell who outlined definitively for us the journey of the hero in story, and, thus, how to present a compelling narrative. Screenwriters study this form. Think about Star Wars (good vs evil) or Jaws (man vs. shark). Pink sees story/narrative as a way that entrepreneurs can clearly distinguish themselves in a heavily populated marketplace. He uses excellent examples that are wonderful to make his point. Be sure to read the one about 2 Brothers Big Tattoo wines And, as a way of diagnosing better, even doctors are getting smarter by not interrupting patients as they tell their health/illness stories.

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