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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fierce Practice #5

Fierce Practice #5: From Customer Centricity to Customer Connectivity.

Scott always makes me laugh out loud. Her writing is engaging and spiced with humor. She opens this section with an example of a typical company answering service…press 1 if you want X, press 2 if you want Y, press 3 if you want Z—God forbid you ever actually speak with a real human being! Most companies use well-worn phrases like client focused and client centric that have as much zest and meaning as a tub of butter. She quotes from The Trusted Advisor by Charles Green, that most companies “…have the client focus of a vulture—they pay close attention to what the clients are up to, but only in order to figure out the right time to pounce and tear at their flesh.” Not a pretty metaphor if you’re looking to establish a long-term business relationship with someone. The KEY to client development is EMPATHY for the client…not your product. Here’s a funny conversation that Scott uses: (seller) How are you? (client) I’m dying. (seller) Glad to hear it. How much would you like to spend with us today?

Relationships are built one caring conversation at a time—this would not be one of them!

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