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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fierce Leadership Introduction (Post #2)

Fierce Practice #1: From 360-Degree Anonymous Feedback to 365 Face-to-Face Feedback.

We all want feedback. How often did you not get a job based on the interview, and never got real feedback that would have helped going forward in your career? The tyranny of 360s—the real “tell” according to Scott –is that they’re anonymous. If you value transparency in a company—which most will claim—how does anonymity fit into that type of culture? It doesn’t. It’s a mixed message at best. In most organizations, we fail to have the “real” hard but useful conversation with the person that matters the most. Instead, we complain to our friends and family, who can do nothing to change the situation. Scott’s advice is to exchange feedback daily (good and bad), do it face to face, do it soon after an incident (good or bad), and always “own” your comments…forget anonymous. She has a great methodology, which I’ve used with coaching clients, for developing a 60-second-opening statement for fierce conversations (see p. 48).

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