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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Layoff: The Value of Follow-Up

What we value on the job, we should do in search for one—follow up.When we hire someone, one of the first characteristics we look for in the first 90 days of their performance is how well they follow up to get the job done. Use that same mindset when it comes to your own job search. To demonstrate how YOU follow up. Employ the most basic winning follow-up tactic: A Thank-You Note. As always, your mother remains the best source of advice: Always thank people for a gift, their time, or in this case, an informational interview.

Here are a few tips that I recommend to executive clients of mine.Send a detailed thank-you e-mail note within 24 hours of the interview:
1. Thank the person for taking the time.
2. Express your continuing interest.
3. Recap your critical qualifications directed specifically at the job—-remember they talk to a lot of people and having your info in front of them helps.
4. If you did not answer any question well in the interview, raise it in this note and answer it.
5. Be respectful, humble and thankful. Arrogance and impatience can get a door slammed faster than you can say “No way.”
6. NOTE WELL: Most people do not send e-mails. So, by sending a thank you note, you get your resume remembered and moved toward the top of the pile.

--Follow up with a short personally written note. Snail mail is fine and reinforces the e-mail and your good manners. Keep this one note short and personal because it follows on the heels of the more direct, comprehensive e-mail mentioned above. Remember that snail mail can take 2-3 days to get to your recipient, and that’s assuming that their mail room works with any efficiency it all.

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