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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Layoff: Keep Selling

Contact Organizations: There are a number of organizations like chambers of commerce, fraternal and civic groups like the Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary International, and any number of groups you may already be connected to. Staying active and connected, especially in a time when you’re not feeling great, helps you overcome the drag of temporary unemployment. The estimates now are that you may be looking at 3-6 months or more in this transient condition. So, get used to being there while still reaching out. This is also a great time to re-kindle former affinity group connections like fraternities and sororities.

Get Connected Online: By now, most people are online, whether it’s just through e-mail or through more involved, sophisticated affinity groups like Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter. One way to reach out to people comes by looking through your e-mail list for particular people who might be helpful to you and your quest for a new job. Simply asking people to pass along your resume or provide a lead or two is a good way to start. Caveats: Don’t appear to be whining, don’t beg, or seem desperate. Try to project optimism, confidence, energy and genuine inquiry. Here’s a decent article on Slate (online magazine owned by The Washington Post) that deals with ways to use online resources like Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter.

• Also, note the caveats regarding merely posting on line:

• Top Ten Best Job Sites: This site includes major job search engines for job searchers, including private, public and government jobs.

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