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Friday, August 21, 2009

Layoff: Get out and Sell

After you decide what direction you’ll take—looking for a new job or starting your own business—here are a few next steps:

Sell the product
: This is the one most people hate to do, but it’s a “Get over it” kind of thing. I’ve had many people tell me: “But I hate tooting my own horn.” OK fair enough, but if you don’t market yourself, who do you think will do that for you? So again, get over it and pick up the phone, crank up the e-mail, or start texting friends, neighbors, and associates. They WILL help you, only IF you ask them. People IF you ask them to help….so ASK.

Networking: You will need to just get out and mix it up. In fact, I recommend that if you’re looking for work you should find a local Starbucks or coffeehouse to establish as your new central office. Key issue: Get out of your house! Don’t worry about the cost of a latte—it’s well worth it to get you up and out in the morning. Most people have been getting up for years, taking a shower, getting breakfast, and heading out to work at another place. The dual venue is a pattern that’s become almost part of your DNA. Then, all of a sudden you have this new pattern. Frankly, for many it’s confusing. Being part of a public place, like a coffee house, also allows you to “bump into people” (even if only the coffee barista—who knows a LOT of people) who, when they get to know you might be of great value in your quest. Also, finding a venue helps you re-establish your work-home DNA pattern…more vital to your happiness than you might think.

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