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Friday, July 3, 2009

Buying Success Insurance

4. So, what can a CEO do to ensure that this misguided thinking and resulting failure don’t take place?

a. Be aware of the problem and its enormous cost to the organization. Treat it like any other $2.7 risk to the company.

b. Buy insurance…some form of on-boarding process.Hire a coach who's worked with executive on-boarding before. It's the best investment (and cheapest) to insure the risk

c. Engage Human Resources. HR should not just in hiring executives, but also make sure there’s an orientation/on-boarding process in place before executives arrive. Oftentimes, it’s up to the individual business sector, executive assistant, or worse yet no one to set up a comprehensive organizational introduction. In fact, many executives are merely introduced at a working meeting or executive conference. That’s the extent of on-boarding before such new executives are asked to dive into often heated and contentious negotiations without any background or cultural lay of the land.

Next for more that the CEO do ensure the success of a new executive.

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