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Sunday, January 11, 2009

HBR Leadership January 2009 Issue—Must Read

If you or your company is in any sort of a transition (and who is not these days!), I highly recommend the current (January 2009) issue of the Harvard Business Review. This week, I'll highlight several of the articles...but go out an buy a fistful of copies of this issue and hand it out to your key leaders.

Article Highlight: Michael Watkins (author of The First 90 Days—search for my review of this book in this blog) in his article—“Picking the Right Strategy” instructs leaders to first understand the kind of transition they are in before acting on it. He describes his STARS model (start up, turnaround, accelerated growth, realignment, and sustaining success). New executive failures in companies typically happen in the first two years and cost the company $2.7million—so pay attention.

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