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Friday, January 23, 2009

Five Strategies for Keeping Your Bucket Full

Here's the last post in this series:
Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton (authors of In How Full is Your Bucket?, offer Five Strategies for keeping your internal bucket full and yourself happy and productive. I suggest you read their book for the details. What follows is just a dusting of those five strategies:
1. Prevent Bucket-Dipping People taking energy from you usually because of their negativity.
2. Shine a Light on What’s Right—try to catch people doing well rather than the usual tactic of catching them making mistakes.
3.Make Best Friends—as mentioned in a previous post, having a best friend at work does all kinds of great things for the person and the organization.
4.Give Unexpectedly—People like surprise gifts (fills their buckets). So, send a note, buy a cup of coffee, or thank someone. Small unexpected gifts work.
5. Reverse the Golden Rule—Give people what they want and need. Each person fills their bucket differently. Learn what it takes and give it to them.

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