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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Creativity: FINAL POST--Distilled Wisdom

Distilled Wisdom Ed Catmull has developed principles and advice from his Pixar experiences. Here are a few aggregations:

a.    People: Hire smart ones, let them have a voice, make them know they matter, and help them grow.
b.    Teams: Mediocre teams will kill a great idea, but great teams will grow a mediocre idea.
c.    Truth: Invite differences, disagree, drive out fear, share problems; “there should not be more truth in the hallways than in meetings.”
d.    Failure: Failure is and must be an option, uncertainty is part of life, and managers should not prevent risk taking but make it safe to do so.
e.    Change: Don’t wait for perfection to expose new ideas to the light, don’t measure competence by mistakes made but by ability to solve problems, think differently, protect new ideas from naysayers; it takes a lot of energy to change.

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