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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Progress Principle: Post #2--Inner Work Life

Inner Work Life is composed of the unspoken perceptions, emotions, and motivations of people at work and has a great effect on creativity and productivity of both people and companies. “Inner work life is the mostly invisible part of each individual’s experience—the thoughts, feelings, and drives triggered by the events of the workday.” To study this phenomenon, the authors’ study conducted research with 238 people and 26 project teams in 7 companies in 3 different industries; they asked employees to fill out a daily diary/questionnaire, especially responding to this question: “Briefly describe one event from today that stands out in your mind.” The event had to relate to work and could be positive, negative or neutral. Fully, 75% of responses were returned with nearly 12,000 responses about the emotional inner work life of people.

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