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Friday, November 23, 2012

What Matters Now: Post #6--Adaptability

Adaptability: Great quote by Hamel, “Every organization is successful until it’s not.” As such, the watchword of today has evolved to “Exponential Change.” In mobile computing, for example, there have been four leaders in four decades: Motorola, Nokia, Research in Motion (Blackberry), and Apple—the reality of competition in a changing world. Companies will either adapt or falter. Resilient organizations keep pace with changes and survive. An adaptable company is one that takes advantage of new opportunities, redefines its core business to encourage growth, and actively addresses evolving client needs. Some caveats offered by Hamel: Gravity Wins (over time things settle down, and then down further); Strategies Die (no such thing as a perfect strategy—they get replicated, superseded, or eviscerated by competitors); Success Corrupts (we get fat, dumb and happy with success…and our competitors sneak up and steal our cheese!). Hamel provides a cheat-sheet to “Future Proof” your company (p.119). To be ready for the future, your company needs to embrace the following:
•    Anticipation—face the inevitable, learn from the fringe, rehearse alternative futures
•    Intellectual Flexibility—challenge assumptions, invest in genetic diversity, encourage debate and dialectic thinking
•    Strategic Variety—build a new strategic options portfolio, build a magnet for ideas, and minimize the cost of experimentation
•    Strategic Flexibility—disaggregate the organization, create real competition for resources, and multiply sources of funding for new initiatives
•    Structural Flexibility—avoid irreversible commitments, invest in flexibility, and think competencies and platforms
•    Resilience-Friendly Values—embrace a grand challenge, embed new management principles, and honor Web-inspired values

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