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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drive (Dan Pink): Post #4

Drive: the 10-foot level view for leaders considering Motivation 3.0:

This book is a real “high” for intuitive thinkers, whom Pink would call conceptual right-brainers. On the other hand, I can readily understand why sensory, data-driven folk might have some problems. Notwithstanding an occasional sour review on Amazon, this book ranks at the very high end of Amazon sales.

However, “concept vs concrete” is sort of the key focus or argument of this book and in Pink’s previous book, A Whole New Mind. As a society, America is evolving from a data (hands-on), to concept (heads-on) world. Pink notes that according to a McKinsey study, only 30% job growth in the US emanates from hands-on “algorithmic work;” however, 70% job growth comes from more cerebral, heuristic work. This isn’t just a victory for those of us who have lived in an idea/concept- centered world for a long time. Nor is it relief for many of us who have been swimming against a constant current of “show me the data” bosses, who want you to quantify things like love and emotions—the most ineffable, yet powerful reasons why anyone ultimately does anything !

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