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Monday, April 5, 2010

Drive by Dan Pink -Post #3

Drive : The 100-foot-level view for leaders considering Motivation 3.0:

Foremost for leaders: Work with people and teams to develop a collaborative vision and then get out of their way!

1. Autonomy: Give people autonomy to do what they want (task); when they want to do it (time); in a way they want to do it (technique); and to collaborate with whom they want (team).

2.Mastery: Let people practice to attain mastery, which fosters engagement. When goals are clear, feedback is immediate and people work on tasks they’re interested in, time flies by and they get into what’s called “flow” or being in the zone—like shooting foul shots or three-pointers, when you’re good at it! Three laws help getting into this state: Mastery is a mindset (what I believe, I can achieve); Mastery is often painful (though enjoyable, like writing, running, or whatever you love); and, Mastery is an “asymptote” (something approachable but never attained 100%--like perfection).

3. Purpose: Allow people to define purpose, something larger than the product, process, or even themselves by allowing them to set new kinds of goals (for profit AND for good); use new kinds of words (“purpose,” “greater good” and “sustainable”); and establish new kinds of policies (ethical and work policies in sync with purpose-driven goals).

NOTE: This week I'll be reviewing Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Dan Pink (Riverhead Books a division of Penguin Group, New York, 2009)

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