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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lessons 5 and 6 from Journey of the Accidental Leader

This is the 4th of several posts this week on my book The Journey of the Accidental Leader (HRD Press 2008).

Basic tenants of The Journey of the Accidental Leader follow:

5. Vision: You must have a vision to make it come true. The basis behind goal theory is that if you have a written or publically professed goal, you are 90% more sure of completing that goal. Simple but strong math to consider. Asking people to write out their dreams and aspirations is a fast way to improve goal attainment and happiness.

6. Culture: Pay attention to corporate culture. We all have experienced corporate culture, even if we could not define it. Culture is the unwritten rules, beliefs, behaviors and customs that are strictly enforced in any organization. This culture is caught, not taught by seeing it in action. Leaders need to know how strong an influence they have on followers. In fact, leaders have a megaphone when they speak and can easily spread emotional contagion…for good or bad.

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