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Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Risky is Your Company

This is part of a long series in a number of postings based on the Spring 2009 Issue of OnPoint (from the Harvard Business Press) dedicated to Risk Management.

Specifically, this particular post is the 1st of several relating to my review of the article How Risky is Your Company (Robert Simons).

Like many, I lived through and suffered through the Dot. Com boom and bust in the late 90’s. I watched young high-flying CEOs and Internet gurus tell us all that there was a new economy…basically that 2 + 2= 785! It was a nutty time. Stock options flowed, IPOs abounded and many smart but very inexperienced folks made quick money. It was like musical chairs—then the music stopped and companies folded like lawn chairs and a lot of investors lost a bundle in money, energy and effort. If they had just talked to Simons, a lot of us would have saved a lot of time and money.

Watch this blog for a series of post on how risky your company is.

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