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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Generational Leadership--New Important Research

Generational Leadership—

Excellent Research from the Center for Creative Leadership

Jennifer Deal, researcher for the renowned Center for Creative Leadership, has written a very important book for leaders who want to understand generational leadership at a transformational level. Drawn from a database of 3,200 people surveyed from 2000 to 2005, this book, Retiring the Generation Gap: How Employees Young & Old Can Find Common Ground (Jossey-Bass, 2007) challenges many of the assumptive differences between generations that she identifies (Silents (born 1925-1945; Early Boomers (born 1946-1954); Late Boomers (born 1955-1963); Early Xers (1964-1976) and Late Xers (1977-1986).

Here is an overview of the top 10 findings. I strongly suggest reading this book for detail behind these results:

  1. All generations have similar values.
    1. (Top values for every generation are Family, Integrity, and Love).
  2. Everyone wants respect, they just define it differently.
    1. (Older generations want respect for their experience and younger generations want respect for their new ideas and suggestions.)
  3. Trust matters a lot.
    1. (The less people trust their leaders and or organizations, the more likely they are to leave.)
  4. People want leaders who they can believe in.
    1. (All generations want leaders who are credible, trustworthy, dependable, farsighted, encouraging and good listeners)
  5. People don’t like organizational politics.
    1. (People higher in the organization think that politics is less important than people lower in that same organization.)
  6. No one likes change.
    1. (Young or old don’t like change largely because they fear more loss than gain by the change.)
  7. Loyalty depends on context not age.
    1. (All groups have about the same level of loyalty. Younger people tend to job hop more than older generations did.)
  8. Retaining younger and older people is easy if you do the right things.
    1. (Retention keys: Good compensation, learning and development, opportunities for advancement, respect and recognition, and quality of life outside of work.)
  9. Everyone wants to learn—more than anything else—97% or respondent said this!
    1. (Top 10 things they want to learn: Leadership, skills in their field, team building, problem solving, strategic planning, change management, computer skills, vision, communications, and conflict management.)
  10. Almost everyone wants a coach.
    1. (Coaching by outsiders, managers, and colleagues is effective because it’s so targeted to the individuals that people at every level of the organization want to receive it.)

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