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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Search Inside Yourself: Post #5--Positivity

More on Positivity
a.    Self-Motivation. The author introduces three kinds of motivators—Pleasure (chasing ego
b.    Resilience happens when you align work with values and purpose, and you envision the desired future state.  Resilience can be trained on three levels: 1) Inner calm from meditation; 2) Emotional resilience from treating emotions as experiences, not that identify us; 3) Cognitive resilience—optimism vs. pessimism and how we explain failure to ourselves: Are we doomed victims of our failure (pessimism), or is it just an experience that can be overcome with personal power (optimism)?
c.    Empathy. “First seek to understand, then to be understood“ (Covey). Mirror neurons are the basis for empathy—feeling what others are feeling. We tend to empathize with people whom we understand and like. Empathy can be both practiced and learned.
satisfiers); Passion (finding flow—where performance and challenge intersect); Purpose (being part of something bigger than yourself).

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