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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fully Charged: FINAL Post

Energy. We get our energy from taking care of ourselves and caring for others.

Rath’s advice about energy is also the title of a former best seller—Eat, Move, Sleep.
a.    Eat: No surprise here—eat more fruits and vegetables, less sugar and processed food. Protein in the morning increases levels of dopamine—keeping us in a better mood and reducing cravings. Put healthy foods in sight and don’t buy unhealthy ones.
b.    Move: We spend 9.3 hours sitting—more time than we do sleeping. Sitting is the new smoking. In terms of negative health implications, it’s “the sitting disease.” Every two hours of sitting reduces 20 minutes of exercise benefit. So, sitting for 8 hours pretty much negates even a great workout. Physiology: Sitting stops electrical activity in your legs, calorie burn is only 1 calorie per minute, fat break-down enzymes drop by 90%, and good cholesterol drops by 20%!  However, walking increases energy levels by 150%.
c.    Sleep: Losing sleep decreases your well-being, productivity and health. The average American sleeps about 7 hours, but elite performers get 8.5 hrs. of sleep a night. Also, frequent breaks make a big difference—ideally, break 15 minutes every hour. Sleep loss: losing 90 minutes reduces alertness by a third, and a loss of up to 4 hours of sleep is like the impairment effect of drinking a 6-pack of beer. Make your room like a cave—cool, dark and quiet.

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