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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Talent Mangement: Post #4--The Future

The Bright Future. Incoming execs need good integration, development, coaching. However, a study at Princeton shows that fewer than 4% of companies devote enough resources to onboarding despite all the research that shows the importance of such transitions. Have new execs meet everyone (up, down, across, outside) who can impact on their success or failure. Do a 360 in 90 days to take the organization’s temperature on the transition. All high potentials (HIPOs) are high performers, but most high performers are not high potentials—most people don’t grow to the next level. High potential traits: motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement and determination. Most companies don’t have a tested methodology for selecting high potentials. Companies that tell their best people that they are the HIPOs are likely to have better retention. “We are our choices,” said Jeff Bezos at a Princeton graduation. A good development approach: Get assessment of strengths and weaknesses and focus on strengths and working toward the “ideal self.”

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