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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thinking: Post#2 - The Two Systems

The Two Systems: System 1 feeds impressions, intuitions, feelings and reactions to the brain for System 2 to judge—all the while, System 1 prods System 2 to hurry up! When System 2 endorses the suggestions of its fast-moving partner, System 1 takes the approval as law and uses these impressions as hard-core beliefs, heuristics (rules of thumb), and judgments to apply liberally to the world of decisions. Often, in repetitive and familiar situations, this two-system model works well. System 1 submits intuitions to System 2, gets an answer, and then uses that over and over again in similar situations to make better and faster decisions; however, System 1 also creates a variety of its own biases and faulty intuitions which when followed quickly can lead to poor decisions with real impact.

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